Black Friday: Retailers cautiously optimistic

Retails are cautious over their estimates on Black Friday, speaking of “relatively good performance in stores.”

They explained that this year’s Black Friday cannot be compared with the previous ones due to various factors, such as subsidies and support packages, which were in force in previous financial years and had given a relative boost to the market. Moreover, supermarkets and food items seem to absorb most of the income of an average Greek family, they added.

“Consumers are exhausted from high prices during the last two years. Only when weekly supermarket expenditure falls by at least 8%-10%, will consumers be able to turn to other products,” they underlined.

They also stated that the reality is harsh since the high inflation of 2022 and 2023 seems difficult to smooth out.
Therefore, any room for flexibility on the part of households and individual consumers for large expenditures, in categories other than food and basic living, even during discount periods, remains limited.

However, what is worth pointing out is that this year the interest of both retailers and consumers is focused on the post-Black Friday period. And this is because there is a tendency to gradually reduce prices especially in the market of electrical and electronic goods due to normalization in the costs of transport and raw materials, which is a positive sign for the healthy rewarming of this market even in the long term.

Regarding the product choices of consumers during this year’s Black Friday, electrical and electronic items sales are somewhat higher compared to the rest of the market sectors, for example clothing and footwear.

As the representatives of retailers explained to “Naftemporiki”, technology products, telecommunications items, gaming platforms and small devices attract once again the interest of consumers.

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