356,000 businesses need to connect POS with cash registers

The Independent Public Revenue Authority (AADE) announced that the POS-cash register interface project is being implemented within the planned schedule.

As part of the project, a total of 1,070,000 POS have been included in a POS register created for this purpose. These 1,070,000 POS belong to 585,000 businesses, of which 520,000 POS belong to businesses that are required to use a cash register. These 520,000 POS correspond to 356,000 businesses.

In more detail, according to the AADE data:

AADE has approved the upgrades for 112 models of cash registers, i.e. almost all of the cash registers currently operating in the market, in order to allow them to be connected to the POS.

The creation of the POS Registry has been completed. There are 1,070,000 POS in the country which correspond to 585,000 businesses.

Of these, 520,000 POS belong to businesses, which have an obligation to use a cash register. These are 356,000 businesses, which have an obligation to connect POS with their cash registers.

Already, 10 POS operators have submitted a statement of compliance, representing 95% of active POS.

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